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With the Pepegrill M trolley, you can keep everything you need tidy and at hand. A clean-cut, simple barbecue, designed and built especially to make it easy to use and intuitive. Do you live in a flat or are you short of space? No problem: the Pepegrill ONE trolley takes up only a small amount of space and can be moved about easily from one place to another.

296,00 Euro

Kitchen towel holder

Barbecues means getting your hands dirty. Just take a sheet of kitchen towel and you're ready to get back to cooking.

18,50 Euro

Bottle holder

Thirsty? With the bottle holder, you won't even have to leave the BBQ: quench your thirst and keep the cooking under control. Holds up to three bottles.

22,50 Euro

Protective cover

If you keep Pepegrill outdoors, remember to use the protective cover. That way it will be immediately ready for your next BBQ!

53,20 Euro

BBQ caddy

Where did I put those BBQ tongs? And the spatulas? Where have those brushes gone? Forget the worry with our practical BBQ caddy!

24,00 Euro

Pizza spatula

Have you tried barbecuing your pizza but now don't know how to take it without getting burnt? Pepegrill has thought of everything with this superb pizza peel!

22,50 Euro

Multi-purpose spatula

Whatever are the food of your perfect grilled, sooner or later you will turn them: with the multi-purpose Pepegrill's peel

21,00 Euro


There's no BBQ without a fork, but not all forks are equal. Pepegrill creates the perfect fork, with longer teeth to better hold every kind of food without ruin it.

19,00 Euro

Pizza stone

Pepegrill is transformed into a pizza oven!

38,50 Euro

Cutting board

You can also use Pepegrill as a work surface! Simply place the Pepegrill cutting board on top of the grill to have an extra work top. Made entirely in beechwood, the Pepegrill cutting board can also be used as a practical tray.

49,20 Euro

Un contorno diverso: patate dolci alla griglia

Patate americane: non sappiamo mai cosa come mangiarle! Riscopriamole come contorno sfizioso per il nostro barbecue, con un'ispirazione dal nuovo continente...  

Conchiglioni ripieni gratinati alla griglia!

Una delle soddisfazioni maggiori per i virtuosi del barbecue è preparare quei piatti che non immagineremmo mai di poter fare sulla griglia. Come la ricetta di oggi: i conchiglioni ripieni ...  

Come si pulisce Pepegrill - basta un attimo!

Noi di Pepegrill lavoriamo per chi non ha un giardino. Questo non vuol dire che non amiamo il caro vecchio barbecue all’aperto. Ma c’è una cosa che non piace a nessuno: pulire il barbecue.

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