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The web site www.pepegrill.com uses cookies and similar technology to guarantee the correct functioning of the procedures and to improve the experience of its online applications. This document provides detailed information on the use of cookies and similar technology, on how they are used by www.pepegrill.com and how to manage them.



Cookies are short fragments of text (letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to memorise information on the Customer (browser) that can be re-used the next time they visit the web site (session cookies) or subsequently, also after several days (persistent cookies). The cookies are memorised, based on the user's preferences, by the individual browser and on the specific device used (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Below in this document, we will refer to cookies and any similar technology with the simple term "cookies".


Type of cookie

Based on their characteristics and use, we can distinguish different categories of cookies:

Technical cookies - these cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the web site www.pepegrill.com, and are used to manage the logins and access to reserved features on the web site. The duration of the cookies is strictly related to the work session (they are cancelled when the browser is closed). The public area of the web site www.pepegrill.com can still be used as normal.

Analysis and performance cookies - These cookies are used to anonymously collect and analyse web site traffic and use. Without identifying the user, for example, they make it possible to see if the same user returns to the web site at other times. They also make it possible to monitor the system and improve its performance and usability. These cookies can be de-activated without any loss of functionality.

Profile cookies - These cookies are permanent and serve to identify (anonymously and non-anonymously) the preferences of the users and to improve their surfing experience. The web site www.pepegrill.com does not use cookies of this type.


Third-party cookies

By visiting a web site, it is possible to receive cookies either from the web site itself ("first party", or "proprietary" cookies), or from web sites managed by other organisations ("third-party" cookies). A good example is shown by the presence of "social plug-ins" for Facebook. These are parts of a web page generated directly by the above web sites and integrated in the page of the host web site. The most common use of social plug-ins has the purpose of sharing contents on the social networks.

The presence of these plug-ins leads to the transmission of cookies from and to the various web sites managed by third parties. The management of information received by "third parties" is governed by the relative cookie policies, to which we ask you to refer. In order to guarantee greater transparency and convenience, below is a list of the links to the various cookie policies and the ways of managing cookies.

Facebook policy: www.facebook.com/help/cookies/

Facebook (configuration): access your own account. Privacy section.


Google Analytics

The web site web www.pepegrill.com includes some components that are transmitted by Google Analytics, a web site traffic analysis service provided by Google. Also in this case, the cookies are third-party cookies, collected and managed anonymously in order to monitor and improve the performance of the host web site (performance cookies).

Google Analytics uses the "cookies" to collect and analyse, anonymously, the information on the way in which people use the web site www.pepegrill.com (including the user's IP address). This information is collected and elaborated by Google Analytics in order to draft reports for the directors of www.pepegrill.com in relation to the users' activities on the web pages.

For further information, please use the following link:


The user may de-enable Google Analytics by installing an opt-out component, provided by Google, on his/her browser. In order to de-enable Google Analytics, please use the following link:


Third-party cookies are also used for the social functions (cookies for buttons such as Add This, I like of Facebook, Google Maps etc.).


The collection of personal data

The privacy of internet users is of fundamental importance to www.pepegrill.com

Log files: As many other web sites, this site also uses log files. In other words, it keeps a chronological record of web site use. The information contained within the log files include IP addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date, time, the initial and last page visited and the number of clicks. All the above serves to analyse the trends, manage the web site, monitor the movements of the user inside the web site and to collect demographic data, IP addresses and other information. This data cannot be used in any way to identify the user. The statistics system used is Google Analytics, which collects information on the origin of the visits and other general details, that cannot be traced back to a person in particular but are processed in a generic manner. If you wish to exclude your search information from the collection of statistical data of Google Analytics, you can download a Google plug-in to exclude yourself from the collection of data, for the browser used.

Cookies: www.pepegrill.com uses cookies to memorise information relating to the preferences of visitors and on the pages visited by the user, and to personalise the contents of the web page based on the type of browser being used and on other information sent by this browser.

E-mail addresses: the e-mail address used to comment on a post, to express a personal opinion, ask for help or support on www.pepegrill.com, will not be passed onto third parties; even if the contact form is used or a private email is sent, www.pepegrill.com will not use your e-mail for other purposes other than receiving a reply.


Cookie management

The user may decide whether or not to accept the cookies by means of the browser settings.

Attention: the full or partial de-enabling of technical cookies may compromise the use of the functions of the site, which are reserved to registered users. On the other hand, public contents of a site can also be used by de-enabling cookies completely.

The de-enabling of "third-party" cookies will not affect the search functions in any way.

This setting may be defined in a specific way for the various web site and web applications. In addition, the best browsers make it possible to define different settings for "proprietary" cookies and "third-party" cookies.


How to de-enable cookies by configuring your browser

→ Chrome

Open the Chrome Browser

Click on the menu in the browser bar of instruments next to the field in which to insert the URL address

Select Settings

Click on Show Advanced Settings

In the "Privacy" section, click on the tab "Content Settings"

In the "Cookie" section, it is then possible to modify the following cookie settings:

Allow the saving of local data

Modify local data only until the end of the browser session

Stop web sites from setting cookies

Block third-party cookies and web site data

Manage exceptions for certain web sites

Eliminate one or all cookies

For more detailed information, please visit the dedicated page.


→ Mozilla Firefox

Open the Mozilla Firefox Browser

Click on the menu in the browser bar of instruments next to the field in which to insert the URL address

Select Options

Select the Privacy panel

Click on Show Advanced Settings

In the "Privacy" section, click on the tab "Content Settings"

In the "Tracking" section, it is then possible to modify the following cookie settings:

Ask web site not to keep any track

Inform web sites of your willingness to be tracked

Do not send any preference relating to the tracking of personal data

From the "Chronology" section it is possible:

By enabling "Use personalised settings", to accept third-party cookies (always, by the most visited sites or never) and to save them for a set period (until expiry, when Firefox is closed, or to be re-asked every time)

To remove the single cookies saved

For more detailed information, please visit the dedicated page.


→ Internet Explorer

Open the Internet Explorer Browser

Click on the Instruments tab and select Internet Options

Click on the Privacy statement, and in the Settings section, move the slider depending on the desired cookie setting:

Block all cookies

Allow all cookies

Selection of web sites from which cookies are to be obtained: move the cursor to the centre in order to neither block nor allow all cookies, then click on Web sites, and in the field prompting a Web Site address, enter a web site and then click Block or Allow

For more detailed information, please visit the dedicated page.


→ Safari 6/7

Open the Safari Browser

Click on Safari, select Preferences and click on Privacy.

In the Block Cookies section, specify in what way Safari must accept cookies from web sites.

For a list of which web sites have saved cookies, click on Details

For more detailed information, please visit the dedicated page.


→ Safari iOS (mobile devices)

Open the Safari iOS Browser

Touch Settings and then Safari

Touch Block Cookies and select one of the following options: "Never", "From third parties and advertisers" o "Always"

To cancel all the cookies saved by Safari, touch Settings, then Safari and finally Cancel Cookies and data

For more detailed information, please visit the dedicated page.


→ Opera

Open the Opera Browser

Click on Preferences, then Advanced and finally on Cookies

Select one of the following options:

Accept all cookies

Accept cookies only from web sites visited: third-party cookies that are sent from a domain other than the one being visited will be refused.

Never accept cookies: no cookies at all will be saved

For more detailed information, please visit the dedicated page.


How to de-enable cookies of third-party services

Google Services



For further information on the privacy policy of this web site, please send a private e-mail to the web-site administrators.

This page can be viewed by clicking on the link at the foot of all the pages of the Web site, pursuant to article 122(2) of Legislative Decree 196/2003, and to the simplified procedures for providing information on and consenting to the use of the cookies, as published in the Official Gazette no. 126 dated 3 June 2014, and the relative register of actions no. 229 dated 8 May 2014.z

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